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To help spark kids' interest in reading Mandarin Chinese books, here are some engaging activities to try at home.
From Characters to Comprehension: Nurturing Chinese Reading Skills in Children - develop Chinese literacy by introducing characters and then gradually comprehension
A Step-by-Step Guide for Kids to Chinese literacy by reading in Mandarin Chinese
These 36 My Chinese Reading Level B books are fantastic for kids to continue reading Chinese books and improve their Chinese literacy as an additional language.
Complete 36 My First Chinese Reading books | Reading books for Chinese students
My Very First Chinese Reading- books to help young Chinese learners to start reading simple Chinese books with 1-3 words per page, one-to-one text-picture correspondence and familiar topics.
Unlocking the Power of Reading for Young Beginning Chinese Learners and 7 of My Very First Chinese Reading books
Dr Seuss books in Chinese #learnChinese
How Not to Discourage Children from Reading Chinese books |Chinese reading strategies #Chinese4kids #Chinesereading #Chinesebooks #readingChinesebooks #readingwithchildren
Fun Strategies to Help Kids Read Chinese Books

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