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Craft Ideas for the Chinese Year of Dragon

Chinese new year is coming… This year it will arrive on Jan 23. It will be a special year — a year of Dragon! According Wikipedia, “In contrast to European dragons, which are considered evil, Chinese dragons traditionally symbolize potent and auspicious powers, particularly control over water, rainfall, hurricane, and floods. The dragon is also …

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Spelling Song

Many of the Chinese characters have two parts. If you know the meaning of each part, it is easier to memorize the symbol. Here is a simple song of the “spelling” of some Chinese symbols you might find interesting and helpful. 拼字歌 pīn zì gē 左边木字右边几,我来造架大飞机 机机 zuǒ biān mù zì yòu biān jǐ, wǒ …

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Picture Book in Chinese – The Emperor’s New Clothes

The Emperor’s New Clothes is a classical story by Hans Christian Andersen. The Emperor loved new clothes so much that he had to change into new clothes everyday. He hired two tailors who promised him the finest suit made from a fabric which is invisible for people who are either not suitable for their positions …

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Funny Sentence Making

Chinese is not easy. Here are some sentences made by students which do not convey the meaning of the words they were asked to use. If you understand Chinese well, they are for you to laugh. Have a good day! 1.难过 学生:我家门前有条水沟很难过。 老师批语:我更难过。 2.天真 学生:夏天真热。 老师:我一头汗。 3.皱纹 学生:爸爸的D上有皱纹。 老师:请在蛋前加上个脸字。 4.况且 学生:一列火车经过,况且况且况且。 老师:碾死我算了。 hahaha

Terracotta Warriors

There is an army from 2000 years ago in China. Warriors, horses, wagons are still presenting an impressive, powerful and noble army in Xi’an, China. Terracotta Warriors, the unique complex hosting more than 6000 soldiers. If you have chance visiting China, this is one of the must-to-see places!

Jasmine Flower

Jasmin flowers are beloved flowers in China. It is not only the look of the flowers but also their fragrance thrill Chinese people. There is a famous folk song in China with the title of “A Jasmine Flower”. Here I would love to introduce the song. The singer is Zuying Song who is a highly …

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Family Song

This song tells relationship among Chinese family members. The words are very simple, but direct enough for children to master the terms easily. 爸爸的爸爸叫什么? bàbà de bàbà jiào shénmé? What to call Daddy’s Dad? 爸爸的爸爸叫爷爷。 bàbà de bàbà jiào yéye Daddy’s Dad is called Yeye. 爸爸的妈妈叫什么? bàbà de māma jiào shénmé? What to call Daddy’s …

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Xuele: a great Chinese learning website from Singapore

I had a lovely talk with a good friend of mine living in Singapore.  Chinese teaching and how to inspire kids to keep the interest in learning Chinese was one of the topics. She told me that although English and Chinese are both official languages in Singapore, children and parents pay more attention to English …

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