Sentence Lists in Speak with Kids in Chinese Course

Ever wonder what to say in different situations? This set of Speak Chinese with Kids Sentence Lists will help. They are great to help those who just want to have a Chinese sentence guide and use them in familiar situations kids regularly have dialogues.


Want to speak to kids in Chinese, but not sure what sentences to use?

This is quite common, especially for those who do not live in an environment where the language is spoken.

That’s why we created Speak with Kids in Chinese Course – a course that enables people, even non-native Chinese speakers, to have simple dialogues with children in scenarios they are familiar with.

Here are the Sentence Lists that are included in the course.

Why do we put this as a separate product?

Because some of the users requested only the lists as they can speak Chinese or they just want to have easy reference lists that they can refer to and use whenever they want.

So here you are…

What is in the Speak Chinese with Kids Sentence Lists Pack?

You will find Chinese sentences that are used in the following 13 scenarios:

  1. General questions and answers 1
  2. General questions and answers 2
  3. Daily conversation
  4. In the classroom
  5. Indoor play
  6. Outdoor play
  7. Group activities
  8. Washing and dining
  9. Mealtime
  10. Sleeping Time
  11. Feeling sick
  12. Safety and discipline
  13. Positive and encouraging words

All of them are the situations our kids are present and eager to communicate.

As shown above, in the list for each situation, there are 3 versions:

  • sentence list in Chinese
  • sentence list in Chinese with English translation
  • sentence list in Chinese with Pinyin

Who Is This Product For?

This special Speak with Kids in Chinese Sentence List Pack is right for you if

  • you already know how to speak Chinese and want to have a quick reference on the Chinese sentences you can use with your kids in various situations
  • want to have the chance to practice the lists in certain situations as you can print out the selected lists multiple times based on your needs
  • would like to start as soon as possible –  download the pack now and start to use it straight away TODAY

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