Survival Chinese Phrases with Example Sentences Cards for Kids

This set of food Chinese vocabulary posters feature common food, fruit, vegetable, fast food, beverage, dessert, and Chinese food.


We put together 30 important survival Chinese phrases with example sentences because they help kids express their needs and wants. To help kids learn to use them as much as possible, we created phrase and sentence cards so that kids can carry them around and use them whenever they need a little help.

What’re Included in the Set of Cards?

This set of cards feature 30 Chinese phrases and 30 example sentences, perfect size to kids to take with them. They are also color coded so that it is easy to find the match of the phrase and its corresponding example sentence. 

It the Product Right for You?

Consider the points below if you wonder if this is right for you:

  • You want to encourage your kids to use Chinese
  • Your kids benefit form having the cards available whenever they need a little help to express their needs or wants.
  • We’ve created a video to go with the cards
  • Instant download and use them immediately

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