Chinese Measure Words for Animals That Kids Need to Know

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In Chinese, learning nouns is not enough. The reason is simple: every noun in Chinese has to stick with a measure word. As there are more than a hundred measure words in Mandarin Chinese, the only way to learn them by heart is to memorize them. And it is always a good idea to learn […]

Nouns of Locality in Chinese

We are all familiar with the preposition words in English such as “in, at, after, beside etc”. In Chinese there are a group of special words that are put after the location. Instead of being called “preposition” words, they are called “nouns of locality” (方位词 , fāngwèi cí). 方位词 (fāngwèi cí)are nouns showing direction and […]

What are the Chinese Punctuation Marks

Like English, there are many punctuation marks to organize and clarify the Chinese language. There are some similar punctuation marks as well as some different marks. So, what are the Chinese punctuation marks? In fact, we can categorize the Chinese punctuation marks into two groups: the ones that are similar to the western punctuation marks […]