Chinese Character Writing Workbook 3

This is a workbook of 100 Chinese characters. Each worksheet shows the detailed strokes of the character in the right order.


Chinese character writing requires practice. For a Chinese character, each stroke is arranged in a certain order. Writing Chinese characters has to follow the right order. That’s why it takes time to learn Chinese character writing, in the right stroke order and make it look good. This Chinese Character Writing Workbook is to help children practice the writing correctly.

What is in the Workbook?

There are thousands of Chinese characters. To practice Chinese writing, children need to start with the characters that are easy and they can use in their daily life. This Chinese Character Writing Workbook 3 is the 3rd book in our Chinese character writing worksheet series following the first 100 Chinese characters in workbook 1  and 2nd 100 Chinese characters in workbook 2.

  • Each worksheet has 2 or 3 Chinese characters
  • There is an instruction of the character showing the detailed steps writing in the right stroke order
  • Each character can be traced by the student for 3 times
  • Then students can write the character following the instructions

Is the Workbook Right for You?

If you want to master Chinese characters, Chinese character writing is an important part you can not avoid.

This workbook is right for if you

  • want to learn how to write Chinese characters in the right stroke order and you can find it so easy to follow the instructions and steps.
  • want to have the chance to practice many times since you can print out the selected worksheets multiple times based on your needs.
  • would like to start as soon as possible –  download the workbook and start to use it straightaway TODAY

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