It's Snowing Chinese Nursery Rhythm and Activity Worksheets

This Chinese nursery rhythm and activity worksheets are great for kids to learn Chinese around winter theme with fun.  No prep is needed.



A big event in winter time is when it snows. We can use It’s Snowing Chinese nursery rhythm as part of the winter theme units to learn Chinese at winter especially when  it snows. To make the nursery rhythm learning together with weather learning more interesting, we created some activity worksheets.

What is in It’s Snowing Chinese Nursery Rhythm and Activity Worksheets?

We put together the nursery rhythm and activity worksheets to make learning Chinese in winter time fun and engaging. It includes the following:

  • It’s Snowing Nursery Rhythm
  • Key words Flash Cards
  • It’s Snowing Reading Book
  • It’s Snowing Drawing and Character Tracing Activity Book
  • Matching activity worksheet

Is It’s Snowing Nursery Rhythm Right for You?

Consider the points below if you wonder if this is the right pack for you.

  • You want to emphasize one aspect of winter: snowing, to your kids with various activities
  • You would like to give your child a fun learning experience on winter especially on snowy days
  • This nursery rhythm and worksheets are well designed and are good for two lessons of 45 minutes (you can surely expand to even more)
  • You can also use the activity sheets as morning activity after teaching the nursery rhythm
  • Instant download and use it immediately