Chinese Children’s Song Lyrics Book

This Chinese Children’s Song Lyrics book, with links to the songs, is great to bring fun into kids’ Chinese learning.


The easiest way to get children interested in Chinese is to teach them Chinese children’s songs. Music helps memorization and lyrics themselves are great Chinese language learning materials. This Chinese Children’s Song Lyrics book is great for children to study some beloved Chinese children’s songs and train their listening skills, learn Chinese vocabulary and increase their language fluency.  What’s more, it brings lots of fun throughout learning.

What Songs Are Included in Chinese Children’s Song Lyrics Book?

There are 12 famous easy-to-learn Chinese children’s songs in this book.

  • 找朋友
  • 小星星
  • 祝你生日快乐
  • 伦敦大桥垮下来
  • 五指歌
  • 小白兔
  • 跳舞歌
  • 小白船
  • 大小多少
  • 两只老虎
  • 如果你是快乐
  • 你拍一,我拍一

NEW: “如果开心你就跟我拍拍手” is added to the eBook!

What’s More? Links to the Song Videos

What makes this eBook special is that it also contains links to the videos of the Chinese children’s songs. So with the lyrics and the song videos, learning these Chinese children’s songs is really easy and fun.

Is This eBook for You?

If you have been looking for good songs for children to learn, this book is right for you:

– Because it is handy. It has a collection of 12 well-known and easy children’s songs which children love.
– Because it is actionable. You download the eBook and you will find the video links in the eBook which allow you to play straight away.
– Because it is accessible. Nicely designed, Easy to Read, and Available for Immediate Download as a PDF Today.

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