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Family is very important according to Chinese culture. Because of this, family relationship in China is quite complicated. You can not call a grandmother from Father’s side the same as from Mother’s side. You should use different terms to call your older sister and your younger sister. Here is an interesting song which aims to

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Sunlight and Air – A Chinese Pop Song

你是陽光空氣 You’re the sunshine and the air 每一秒都需要你 I need you every second 你是舌尖上的雨水 You’re the raindrop on the tip of my tongue 我的每日所需 My daily essential 你是我的陽光空氣 You’re my sunshine and my air 這心跳最需要你 The heartbeat needs you 你是那喜悅的淚水 You’re the tear of joy 一切幸福的必需 Essential for all happiness 你是我的 陽光 空氣 You’re my

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Little White Rabbit

Little white rabbit White so white With two ears standing It loves to eat carrots and cabbage… This song brings back a lot of sweet memories for any Chinese person. It is one of the classic Chinese children’s songs that almost everybody in China knows. Well, now your child is about to learn it too!

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