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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

photo credit: crowart How time flies, tomorrow arrives again the Chinese mid autumn festival, the time for families to get together. Moon cakes will look the same, but probably taste different for those who live far away from home. But the moon will be round everywhere in the world, so at least we can send our yearning via the moon light to our loved ones even over a long distance. … Let’s listen to an old song sung by Xu Xiaofeng. It is called Bright Moon Sends Yearning Over A Thousand Miles.   明月千里寄相思 míng yuè qiān lǐ jì xiāng sī singer: 徐小凤 Xu Xiaofeng 夜色茫茫罩四周 yè sè méng méng zhào zì zhōu The vast darkness conceals all 天边新月如钩 tiān biān xīn yuè rú gōu The crescent moon in the sky is like a hook 回忆往事恍如梦 huí yì wǎng shì huǎng rú mèng Recalling the past is as indistinct as dreams 重寻梦境何处求 chóng huí mèng jìng hé chù qiú Looking again for the dreamland without knowing where to search 人隔千里路悠悠 rén gé qiān lǐ lù yōu yōu People being parted for thousands of miles and the road is long 未曾遥问心巳愁 weì céng yáo wèn xīn yǐ chóu Before asking the heart is already desolate 请明月代问候 qíng míng yuè dài wèn hòu Bright moon please send a greeting 思念的人儿泪常流 sī niàn de rén er leì cháng liú The people who...

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Happy 2011 Mid-Autumn Festival

Again, here comes the day for Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, a day for family to get together , eating moon cakes and grapes as well as enjoying the full moon. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! To understand more about the festival, please read this post. There is a beautiful song “Wishing We Last Forever” you might also want to listen to when the moon sheds light later at night. Again, happy mid-autumn...

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