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These 6 cheerful Chinese nursery rhythms are great for kids to learn during spring. #Chinese4kids #Chinesenurseryrhythm #spring #Chineseforkids #learnChinese #MandarinChinese

6 Chinese Nursery Rhythms for Spring

Longer days, more sunshine, blossoms of little flowers … Spring is in the air. Spring is the perfect time to learn some new nursery rhymes. Here are 6 of Chinese nursery rhymes for the Spring season: #1. 春天到 Here Arrives the Spring 春天到 春天到, Here arrives the Spring, here arrives the Spring 春天到,花儿朵朵开口笑。 When the […]

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Chinese nursery rhythms on Snowman for kids A Little Snowman, The Snowman is Gone #Chinesenurseryrhythm #winter #snowman #Chineseforkids #Chinese4kids #Chinesechildrensong

Chinese Nursery Rhythms About Snowman for Kids

In wintertime, snow is fun. After the snow, making a snowman is the most exciting activity for kids. It’s a good time learning some Chinese nursery rhythms on snow and snowmen. Here let’s learn a couple of Chinese nursery rhymes about snowmen.  小雪人 Little Snowman 我是个小雪人 I’m the little snowman 胖又圆 Fat and round 这是我的手套

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Little White Rabbit

Little white rabbit White so white With two ears standing It loves to eat carrots and cabbage… This song brings back a lot of sweet memories for any Chinese person. It is one of the classic Chinese children’s songs that almost everybody in China knows. Well, now your child is about to learn it too!

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