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36 Chinese Pictogram Characters

Chinese pictogram characters are an essential part of Chinese characters. Over time, Chinese characters are developed based on several strategies. Some Chinese characters, including commonly used ones, were originally pictograms. They symbolize objects or express meanings iconically. Pictogram Chinese characters are easy to recognize as the objects represented in the symbols can be seen as soon as the meaning is revealed. Some Chinese characters, including commonly used ones, were originally pictograms. Click To Tweet Here is a good video made by Shanghai Animation Film which shows the evolvement of 36 commonly used Chinese pictogram characters: 马、夫、花、羊、虎、象、 鹿、豕、鸟、龟、门、犬、 子、女、日、山、水、月、 木、林、森、刀、舟、田、...

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How to Write Spring in Chinese

  春 means Spring in Chinese. It is a beautiful character which features 日 (sun), 草 (grass) and 木(wood). It is spring time, the sun becomes bright and strong; grass and wood start to grow. It is the season life starts and grows. In Chinese New Year decoration, many times people can find 春 embedded in the decoration. Chinese New Year is also called Spring Festival in China. When the Chinese New Year started, spring is not far away. 春 actually is quite easy to write. Follow the steps and you can easily write...

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Animation of Chinese Characters

Lots of people agree that Chinese is an interesting, but also a difficult language to learn. Well, the spoken language actually is not that hard to learn since the grammar is fairly easy compared to some other languages. What makes it hard is the written one, the characters. There are more than 2000 commonly used characters. Pinyin can help to associate the characters to their pronunciation, but it is still up to the learner to make the effort to memorize all of them. It is of course not an easy job. However, Chinese characters evolved over time from earlier forms of hieroglyphs, if one knows the process, it would be easier and more fun to learn them. Here is an animation of Chinese characters. I highly recommend...

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History of Hanzi (Chinese characters)

汉字(hàn zì ), Chinese characters, are of thousands of years history. It is interesting, esp. for children, to find out the origin of them since they have changed over the years. Here is a video showing the evolution of some common Chinese...

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