Celebrate Valentine's Day in Chinese Workbook

This 24-page worksheets cover vocabulary, colors, Valentine’s Day poem, coloring page, Chinese character writing and more. No prep needed.



Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Chinese Workbook is a great workbook for kids to learn Chinese around Valentine’s Day. It features the theme of Valentine’s day as well as colors in Chinese. Some key Valentine’s Day Chinese vocabulary are introduced in this workbook. It also include activity worksheets for the vocabulary practice as well as colors in Chinese practice. Chinese character writing worksheets feature the characters for “爱 love”, “心 heart” and “我爱你 I Love You”. What’s more, it  has several cute coloring pages for the kids. This fun workbook serves to be a wonderful in-class or home Chinese learning material to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

What is in Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Chinese Workbook?

There are 24 fun pages in this workbook, for example:

  • Valentine’s Day vocabulary flash cards
  • Vocabulary matching worksheet
  • Colors in Chinese flash cards
  • Label the colors in Chinese worksheet
  • Matching game on colors and Chinese words
  • Chinese writing worksheets on 爱,心,我爱你
  • 3 Valentine Poems
  • Happy Valentine’s Day Coloring pages

Is Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Chinese Workbook Right for You?

Consider the points below if you wonder if this is the right pack for you.

  • You want to have a quick and fun Chinese learning activities to celebrate Valentine’s day
  • There is no need to prepare for the lessons / activities. The workbook can be used directly in classroom or at home
  • Teach not only the Valentine’s Day Chinese vocabulary, but also colors in Chinese
  • Learn 3 Happy Valentine’s Day poems in Chinese
  • Instant download and use it immediately