Chinese Gardening Theme Pack for Children

$ 5.00

Gardening is fun. Learning gardening relevant Chinese words is also fun. With this pack, it is easy for kids to establish the connection between their Spring gardening activities to their Chinese learning.


If you want to have a fun and engaging pack for the kids to learn the gardening/Spring theme Chinese words, this pack is right for you:

Because it contains thoughtful printables. This 14-page pack contains the following printables:

· Gardening theme Chinese words flash cards
· Parts of a flower in Chinese
· Writing worksheets for all the Chinese words
· Pictures/Chinese word cards for memory game
Because it is engaging. This pack is designed for children. The images are well chosen and activities can be used based on needs. There also includes writing worksheets as well as Memory Game cards
Because it is accessible. Nicely designed, Easy to Read and Available for Immediate Download as a PDF Today.

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