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Charlie and Lola 5: I love going to Granny and Grandpa

Charlie and Lola are going to the house of their Granny and Grandpa’s by themselves. Lola was worried that she would miss her invisible friend and her parents, so she wanted to stay at home instead. Charlie convinced her that she could write a postcard and send it home everyday so her friend and parents know what is happening. Lola liked the idea and went with Charlie. In Granny and Grandpa’s house, they had great...

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Charlie and Lola 1 I will not ever NEVER eat a tomato

Charlie and Lola are two famous characters in a series of the picture books and later adapted as TV animation characters. In the series, Lola is an energetic and imaginative little girl while Charlie is a patient and kind older brother. In the very first episode, Lola was at first refused to taste any food, but then tried and fell in love with them with Charlie’s patient guidance and her own...

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Little Tadpoles Look for Their Mom

“Little Tadpoles Look for Their Mom” is a classic animation which was based on Chinese traditional water-color paintings. This animation was done in 1960, but it is still a very charming animation. Frog mother laid eggs and swam away. Little tadpoles were hatched and started their journey looking for their Mom. They met different creatures in the pond and asked around, “where is our mom? Are you our mom? ” They got disappointing answers until they saw the frog who was looking for her children. She said “Hi, babies, I am your mother. ” Tadpoles could not believe her because they do not look like her. But in the end, they believed that they found their mom and then happily swam with her till they grew up — yes, till they turned into the form of...

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Miffy and Her Friends: Miffy at School

Repetition is the key for little children to learn a language. That is why we observe a child repeat everything s/he hears until one day s/he can use the new words. In an environment the language is spoken most of the time, it is easy for the child to receive enough input; but what about an environment that the language is not used; for example, learning Chinese in a foreign country while the parents are not Chinese? The best way for little ones to learn a foreign language is to introduce good cartoons and let him/her watch it over and over until the child knows it by heart. So here I am going to introduce an excellent cartoon series: Miffy and Her Friends. Simple pictures, simple sentences, enough repetition. Little children love Miffy, they for sure will love this Miffy who speaks Chinese![kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/ZAstM66t3WY" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent"...

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