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How to Write 中国中文

中国(zhōng guó) means China. 中文(zhōng wén) means Chinese language. 中(zhōng) means “middle” “central”; 国( guó) means “country” “kingdom”. so 中国(zhōng guó) actually means “Central Kingdom” as ancient Chinese people believed that  China was located in the center of the world. 文(wén) means “language”. 中文(zhōng wén) therefore means language of China– Chinese. These are the two important words for anybody who starts to learn Chinese language. Here are three clips showing how to write them in the right order.  ...

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猪(zhū), pig, is the last animal in the Chinese zodiac cycle. In Chinese zodiac, pigs are believed to be sincere, noble, tolerant an pure. People born in Pig years (1971, 1983, 1995, 2007) are caring, careful, loyal and giving. They are in general lucky and a bit lazy. Here let’s have a look at how to write and pronounce the word of pig in Chinese : I also made a mini book for pigs. Some body part terms are introduced in the book so that young learners are able to identify and use them in new situations. Chinese Reading Minibook1...

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How to write 爱(love)

[kml_flashembed movie="http://flash_070508.060s.com/4.swf?type0=*D1*A7*CF*B0#*CA*B6*D7*D6*BF*A8*C6*AC#a#&type1=swf&title0=*B0*AE" width="460" height="400" wmode="transparent" /] Roses are red, Violets are blue, Sugar is sweet; And so are you You know this poem, right? Your child knows it too, I am pretty much sure since Valentine’s day is celebrated in Kindergartens and Elementary schools. Do you know how to say “love” in Chinese? It is pronounced as “ài”, same as “I” in English. So, don’t forget to say “我爱你"("wǒ ài nǐ “) (I love you) to your loved ones. Happy Valentine’s...

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