Spring Theme Word Wall words in Chinese

Spring has come. The weather is getting warm, flowers blossom, grass turning green and leaves are growing… We can see blue sky and white clouds. There are so many little animals: ducklings, chicken, sheep and bunnies… It is a beautiful season and there are so many useful words to learn in Chinese.

Spring Vocabulary in Chinese

Following the Winter theme Word Wall words, here are the Spring theme Words Wall Words in Chinese. Print them out and hang them on the walls in the classroom and at home. There are many reasons to celebrate the arrival of Spring. Learning some words in Chinese can be part of it, right?

Spring Word Wall in Chinese Chinese4kids|Chinese learning |Chinese learning printable #Chinese4kids #Chineselearning #printables #Spring

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Spring Chinese word wall printable Chinese4kids|Chinese learning |Chinese learning printable |Chinese learning fun #Chinese4kids #Chineselearning #printable #Chinesefun

If you want a copy of this set of Chinese Spring Word Walls. We have a word wall pack for all the 4 seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter), Chinese Four Seasons Word Wall Words, so that you can have the vocabulary displayed in our house or classroom all year around. Have a look below:

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