photo credit Ava Babili

We were in Athens last weekend. It was in February, but the weather was gorgeous. 16 degrees, sunny. The sky was so clear that we felt it were March. On Sunday, we could not resist taking a walk. Where to go? We went to Acropolis.

On the road surrounding Acropolis, we saw thousands of people walking, chatting, sitting on the outside seats for coffee or ice-creams. The little stands selling toys, handbags, home accessories… made the walk quite vivid and joyful. Other activities, such as painting show, Peru music show and status show attracted lots of attention. What the kids enjoyed the most was the circus performance.

The clown was dressed in a sort of Chinese costume. He pretended to be a Chinese, speaking “Chinese” as any Greek knows “qingkangcong, qingkangcong”. He walked around to say “Hi” to the audience. When he came to me, I said “Ni Hao” to him. The clown continued with his performance. Laughter from the audience can be heard here and there. The show was absolutely great.

At that time, a young lady came to me. She said “你好”to me. I was amazed. We started to talk in Chinese. She told me that she is a student in a Foreign Language University in Athens. She has learned Chinese for 3 years. Her Chinese is quite good. We could communicate well. The only confusing time was when she used wrong tones, but the tones are always the most difficult part of Chinese which requires lots of practice. Her dream was to visit China and spend a couple of years there to perfect her Chinese.

The trip to Acropolis was, as always, a pleasant; meeting with a Greek lady who is learning Chinese inspires me to share the experience with all of you.

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