It always takes time for young kids to learn all the names of months in English, especially with the right spelling. But for Chinese language, it is actually the easy part. As soon as a person learns the numbers, it is time to introduce the concept of 12 months. The only word one has to learn is 月(yuè, meaning “moon”,”month”). The rest is easy: you simply add numbers 1-12 in front of 月. In detail, the 12 months are

一月 yī yuè January
二月 èr yuè February
三月 sān yuè March
四月 sì yuè April
五月 wǔ yuè May
六月 liù yuè June
七月 qī yuè July
八月 bā yuè August
九月 jiǔ yuè September
十月 shí yuè October
十一月 shí yī yuè November
十二月 shí èr yuè December

How to write 月,have a look below:

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