Chinese new year of Dog starts on Feb 16, 2018. In a few days we will say Goodbye to the year of Rooster and welcome the year of Dog!

First of all, let’s watch a story about Chinese new year

There are many Chinese new year activities we can invite or involve our kids to learn about, to prepare and to celebrate the very special event.

What are the Traditions?

Read about Chinese New Year Family Tradition

chinese new year traditions

Books to Read

To understand the Chinese New Year and how Chinese people celebrate it, the best way is to read books together with the kids.

Top 7 Chinese New Year Books are a good read.

Top Chinese New Year Celebration books


Many times it is quite hard to come up with unique ideas of gifts, with some Chinese elements. If you want to have some inspiration, Ideas of Gifts of Chinese Elements  can definitely help.

Ideas of Gifts with Chinese Elements - Great for Chinese New Year, Chinese celebration and any special occasion

Crafts to Make

Want to make some crafts to make the celebration special? Here are some ideas:

Chinese New Year Celebration Supplies

To celebrate, we need supplies to decorate our houses, to give out as little gifts and to arrange activities.
Chinese New Year Celebration Supplies  is a good place to start.

Chinese New Year and Chinese Celebration Supplies

And there is even more:

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