When we talk about learning a language, we usually think of going to a class. Yes,  having lesson together with many other people is indeed the most common and traditional way of learning. But there are situations that going to a lesson or having a class is not possible. What would you do?

As Chinese becomes more popular, more and more people are interested in learning it; more and more parents want their children to learn it so to have advantages in their future. However, in many cases, not so many Chinese classes are available in the local area; or so all the Chinese schools can offer language course catering to the needs of children’s. Some interested people therefore have to give up their wish or they have to travel a long way to get an one-hour lesson which is not convenient at all.

I have been asked many times where to find a good Chinese course for kids. Before I had to recommend the Chinese schools I knew of good quality; now I can recommend a place which offers innovative way of learning: eChineseLearning.

eChineseLearning is an online Chinese language school based in Beijing. The teachers are Chinese native speakers. The classes are one-to-one based and carried out via Skype phone and video. The information technology was well used in the lessons. Games, songs, cartoons were used in the class which helps children visualize what they have learnt. The benefits for the kids are obvious:
a). they have individual attention;
b). the unique way of learning itself is cool in kids’ eyes;
c). teachers can adjust curriculum according to the students’ progress;
d). the kids do not need to travel a long distance, they can have the lessons at home instead.

The testimonials all showed that it is a good language program and many people have already benefited from their learning. Luckily, eChineseLearning offers free trial lesson; so it does not hurt to get it a try.

eChineseLearning also offers free Chinese level test. Seems to be informative too.

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