Chinese Thank You Cards for Kids

We want our children to appreciate what they have, what they receive and show thanks to those who give them a hand. It is not only a matter of manners, but also an awareness of kindness that creates a sense of satisfaction. How to encourage kids to express thanks? These Chinese Thank You Cards for kids are a good start.

Chinese Thank You Cards for Kids #Chinese4kids #Chineselearning #ThankyouinChinese

There are 4 Thank You cards in this pack:

  • Thank you for the gift 谢谢你的礼物
  • Thank you for the food 谢谢你的食物
  • Thank you for the care 谢谢你的关心
  • Thank you for __________ 谢谢你

They cover many occasions when a child needs to send a Thank you card.

Are you interested in having these Chinese Thank You Notes?

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Chinese Thank You Cards for kids #Chinese4kids #LearnChinese #Chineseforkids #Chinesethankyoucard #Thankyou #printable


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