I used a game to help the small kids (4-7) learn the song “伦敦大桥垮下来”(lún dūn dà qiáo kuǎ xià lái). It was quite good, everybody enjoyed it.

I picked two children to join hands at head-level, creating a “bridge” between them. The rest of the children walked in a circle which led them going under the “bridge” while all of us sang the song together.

“伦敦大桥垮下来, 垮下来,垮下来;伦敦大桥垮下来,就要垮下来。

(lún dūn dà qiáo kuǎ xià lái,kuǎ xià lái, kuǎ xià lái; lún dūn dà qiáo kuǎ xià lái, jiù yào kuǎ xià lái.) ” .

When they got to the part”就要垮下来(jiù yào kuǎ xià lái.) (is ready to fall down),the two children who formed the bridge brought their arms down and around whoever is passing at the very moment.

The captured child was then out the circle until there are just two children left. These two children then became the “bridge” the next round.

When the game went on for several rounds, it is for sure that everyone knows the song by heart…

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