It is still warm, but the leaves in my garden already started to fall. Winter is not here yet, but it already left its home and is on its way to here…. While I was tidying up my house with music, the old song “冬天来了“ (Winter is Coming) moved me again. I can’t help sharing it with you, hopefully you will like it as much as I do.

The video features a dance by Cheng Bing and Qu Lajia.

dōng tiān lái le
Winter is Coming
Music and Lyrics by 丁薇 Wei Ding

树叶黄了 就要掉了
shù yè huáng le, jiù yào diào le
turning yellow, leaves are about to fall

被风吹了 找不到了
beì fēng chuī le, zhǎo bú dào le
blown by the wind, they are no where to be found

太阳累了 就要睡了
tài yáng leì le, jiù yào shuì le
getting tired, the sun is going to sleep

留下月亮 等着天亮
liú xià yuè liàng, děng zhe tiān liàng
leaving the moon behind, awaits dawn

冬天来了 觉得凉了
dōng tiān lái le, jué de liáng le
winter is coming, feel the chills

水不流了 你也走了
shuǐ bù liú le, nǐ yě zǒu le
water stopped running, and you left

音乐响了 让我哭了
yīn yuè xiǎng le, ràng wǒ kū le
hearing the music, it makes me cry

心亦丢了 还会痛吗
xīn yì diū le, hái huì tòng mā
if my heart was lost, would it still hurt

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