Why do we study Chinese? It is a question I initially asked the LP’s in the Chinese club. The answers varied from “my parents want me to learn Chinese” to “It is an interesting language. I want to know how to write Chinese characters” to “My father is going to be transferred to Shanghai, and we are going there as a family.”… Interesting, right? For kids, Chinese is not a common language such as Spanish, French or Italian which most other students learn; Chinese is different. Learning Chinese is thus cool since few of the others know it.

But, why Chinese? It is an important question we need to understand so we can keep on learning.  Let’s make a list:

  • Chinese is interesting and not that hard
    • Chinese culture is one of the oldest in the world.
    • Chinese is artistically formed with a combination of meaningful parts: for example, the word “crisis” (危机)means “danger” and “opportunity”.
    • Chinese is a language of arts and poems. Not to mention the beautiful classical poems, Chinese calligraphy is well known for its artistic value.
    • If you know 1000 commonly used Chinese words, you can recognize most of the characters in a Chinese newspaper.
    • Now you can see Chinese characters on lots of labels. It is cool to be able to recognize them and simply show off in front of your friends.
    • Chinese traditions are different and interesting. Chinese food is delicious and pretty. Chinese Gongfu is well known. Chinese movies are more and more popular…
  • Chinese is useful. 
    • Chinese is the most spoken language in the world.
    • Chinese is one of the working languages used in the United Nations.
  •  Chinese is important for your future career
    • The demand for business people who speak Mandarin Chinese is very high. Even if speaking little Mandarin can enhance the business opportunities.
    • It is great for resume. Companies are looking for people who speak Chinese. Knowing Chinese can give you a competitive edge for an important position.
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