If I list my favorite season, it is SUMMER. Thinking of summer, lots of images would pop up in my mind: sun, beach, sea, swimming, sunbathing, playing, reading, chatting with friends, walking in the busy downtown at night, enjoying an ice cream, fish, watermelon… In two words, good time!

Children may visualize Summer with similar or different images. A good way to teach children words or phrases of those scenes is to help them establish a Summer vocabulary map.

To achieve this, we can first invite children to brainstorm their idea about Summer. It is OK to draw pictures, to name them in Chinese, pinyin or even in English. Below you can find an example.

Chinese vocabulary regarding summer

Based on the mind map suggested by children, relevant words and phrases can be taught to the kids. Experience shows that it is an effective way teaching kids a group of words and phrases that they can use immediately.

Back to the words mentioned in the mindmap, here they are:

夏天 Summer
大海 Sea
游戏 Play
西瓜 Watermelon
旅游 Travel
读书 Read
冰激凌 ice cream
太阳 Sun

In the following post, I will show you how to use iPad to create a digital mind map.

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