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Tea, 茶(chá), is traditional Chinese drink. Since its introduction to the west, it has become one of the favorite drinks. For this reason, it has been used in several proverbs which are interesting to learn. Here I want to list several and their corresponding Chinese proverbs.

Not for all the tea in China
gěi duō shǎo dōu bú gàn

Considering that this proverb was first used in the 19th century when China was the biggest tea production country in the world, “all the tea in China” was indeed a lot of money. In Chinese, the meaning is “won’t do it even if given lots of money”.

as useful as a chocolate teapot
zhōng kàn bù zhōng yòng

When hot tea pours into a chocolate teapot, it will for sure melt. So it only looks good but does not function.

A storm in a tea cup
xiǎo tí dà zuò

How much damage can a storm in a teacup cause? Not much, right? This is exactly the meaning of Chinese proverb “小题大做 xiǎo tí dà zuò”, meaning making a big deal from a small issue.

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