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Picture book in Chinese – Good Night, Gorilla

A naughty gorilla steals the keys from the sleeping zoo keeper. It frees all the animals from their cages and follows, together with others, the zoo keeper to his house and spends one night in his house. A very simple book with only a few different words, the vivid pictures tell the story. The zoo keepers says “good night” to the animals he passes. So it is a great book to learn animal names; and of course, the phrase “Good night” as well. By the way, “Good Night” is “晚安 wán ān” in Chinese. After reading the book with your child, don’t forget to show him/her the following animation. S/he would love...

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Picture book in Chinese – It’s Mine

It is a book from Leo Lionni. A lovely book featuring 3 frogs who claim things theirs. According to Trev Jones, School Library Journal , “Although there’s not as much depth as in Frederick (1966) or as much whimsy as in Alexander. . . (1969, both Pantheon), this is still a fine choice for spring story hours. Three childlike frogs spend their days bickering and baiting each other: it’s mine, claims one about the water. Another purports ownership of the earthor a wormor a butterflyor whatever. It isn’t until disaster almost stikes and they are saved by a toad that Milton, Rupert and Lydia realize that private ownership isn’t that important. Whether grumbling for the sake of being difficult or dancing with delight, Lionni’s frogs spring to life. Collages of marbled-textured paper, all in cool, crisp, spring-like colors against a stark white background, are a perfect match for this story of selfishness on the pond, carried out in beautifully simple line and language.” A good picture book for young readers. Below you can find the animated version in...

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Picture book in Chinese – Happy Birthday, Moon

Today I want to continue with our picture books in Chinese exploration. Today’s book is “Happy Birthday, Moon” (月亮生日快乐) by Frank Asch. When a bear finds out that the moon shares same birthday as his, he bought the moon a hat as a gift. This is a book which will bring you a feeling of warmth and comfort. I like the original book in English a lot. The Chinese translation is also great. I would also recommend the animated version of the book. It is a nice addition to the reading. For young Chinese learners, it could help them establish what they see and what they hear. Yes, read the book, watch the video and listen to the Chinese narration carefully. You will be touched. [kml_flashembed movie="http://player.56.com/v_NTI0Njg1ODI.swf" width="460" height="400" wmode="transparent"...

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Picture book in Chinese – The Most Wonderful Egg in the World

Easter is near. Egg hunting is of course the highlight of the day. So here is the lovely book of “The Most Wonderful Egg in the World” (最奇妙的蛋) by Helme Heine. The story is about three hens. They all have something really beautiful: one had the most beautiful feathers, one had the most beautiful legs and the 3rd had the most beautiful crest. But which was the most beautiful hen? They decided to go to the king. The king proclaimed that whoever laid the most beautiful egg would become the princess. So the contest began… Here is the animated version in Chinese. Enjoy it! [kml_flashembed movie="http://player.youku.com/player.php/sid/XNDkxMTIzMTI=/v.swf" width="460" height="400" wmode="transparent"...

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Picture book in Chinese – Swimmy

I was excited to have found the animated version of Swimmy (小黑鱼) in Chinese! Swimmy, one of the famous picture books by Leo Lionni, tells a story of a little black fish uses his creativity to help a school of frightened fish to form a group to outsmart other big fish in the occean. A real enjoyment for young children. Now let’s enjoy the marvelous animation of the book. The book of Swimmy is available in Amazon.cn. If you are interested, here is the...

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