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Picture Book in Chinese: Rosie’s Walk in Chinese

Picture books is a great way to introduce reading to children. There are many excellent English picture books now available in Chinese. Rosie’s Walk is one of them. This is a very simple (yet surprisingly sophisticated, from a humorous point of view) story. A chick named Rosie decides to take a walk one day. She is immediately followed by a fox who is searching for a meal. During the entire pursuit the poor fox receives one mishap after another and they were all initiated by the chick who was totally unaware of the disasters. The illustration of the book...

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Picture Book in Chinese – Turn Left Turn Right

I am a big fan of Jimi’s work. I just love his books and illustrations. This book is no exception. This is a love story. Two young people live in the same apartment building in the same city. However, she is used to turning left and he is used to turning right whenever they leave the building. For this reason, they never met. They have walked in the same street, fed the same cat, listened to the same radio broadcast; they felt equally lonely. Like most people living in the city, they never met until one day… they met...

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Picture book in Chinese – Starry Sky

This is a very beautiful picture books written and illustrated by Jimmy Liao. On the preface of the book, it reads “Wherever there is shade, there is light.” The story is about a young girl who felt she was not understood by adults and therefore she closed her heart to outside world. She was lonely and unhappy. Until one day she met a boy who was unhappy too. These two young children however found a way to be open to each other, esp. when they went to a mountain area looking at the starry night. It is a really touching story about adolescents seeking to find themselves. The illustrations, as in all of Jimmy Liao’s books, are amazingly...

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Whale Marilyn

This is a story about a girl named Marilyn. She is afraid to take swimming lessons because she would make huge splash and other children would laugh at her as a whale. The coach noticed it and had a talk with her. He told her, sometimes what we think can determine who we become. If Marilyn imagines herself to be light, she would become light and jump into water well. Marilyn applied this idea to many thing she did. She suddenly became confident and did amazing things. Indeed, imagination can bring super power. This is a very good book with fascinating illustration young readers would...

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Thank You, Little Flower

This is a story about a monkey and a little flower. A monkey found a dying little flower. He made a pot using a coconut shell, filled it with soil and planted it in the pot. The monkey took care of the flower, watering it, sun bathing it. The flower became healthy again. They kept each other company till one day when the flower’s time came to the end… It is a really touching story. The pictures were very well drawn. The characters are in traditional Chinese since it is developed by Ministry of Culture in Taiwan. I believe young readers will enjoy watching the animated book. There are also some other activities. If you are interested, please visit it...

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Picture book in Chinese – Noisy Nora

Noisy Nora Nora, the middle child in her family, has her little problem – her little brother and big sister take up all the attention from her parents. What shall she do to gain the attention again? Yes, by making noise, lots of noise. It is a really well written and illustrated picture book. [kml_flashembed movie="http://player.youku.com/player.php/sid/XMzM3MTQ0MzY=/v.swf" width="460" height="400" wmode="transparent"...

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