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The Legend of Chang-E

The mid autumn festival is coming. Like all the festivals, there is a story behind. This story is about Chang’E(嫦娥), who is the goddess of the moon and lives lonely there with a company of a jade rabbit. On the bright night on the mid autumn festival, when you look closely at the round moon, you might be able to identify a lonely shade of a lady and a rabbit… Well, there are some versions of how Chang’E went to the moon. In all the versions, she was married to an expert archer, Hou-Yi(后羿). Ten suns rose to the sky. Crops were dying and people were suffering. Hou-Yi used his legendary skill and shot down 9 out of the 10 suns and therefore saved the earth. He became a hero and got an immortality pill. He asked his wife, Chang’E to keep it safe. But one day, Chang’E took the pill by accident or in an emergency situation. She floated and flew, finally landed on the moon. Deeply missing her, Hou-Yi set up an altar and presented food to worship her. As time goes by, it has become a memorial ceremony for people to worship Chang-E on the mid-autumn nights. Hope you like the...

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Mooncake in Comics

Mooncake, 月饼(yuè bǐng ), is the traditional snack for Mid Autumn Festival in China. This year, the mid autumn festival is on Oct. 03. in the previous years, we featured the mid autumn festival history and a theme song, this year, I am glad to share some great comics of mooncakes — MandMX remade mooncakes into seven Hollywood movie. Have fun! 1. Saw 7   2. The Mooncake Code 3. Kungfu Panda 4. Lord of the Mooncakes 5.Mooncakes 9 6.Transformers 3: Revenge of the...

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