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Chinese Tongue Twisters for Children

You know the famous tongue twister “She sells seashells on the seashore”, right? Try to read it several times, how do you feel? A very good way of learning a language is via tongue twisters. Tongue twisters can really train the tongues to twist to make the right sound. Tongue twisters are called 绕口令 (ràokǒulìng) in Chinese. Chinese tongue twisters are a bit harder than English ones: to pronounce the right tongue twisters, a person does not only need to make the pronunciation right, he has to make the tones right! Let’s try some Chinese tongue twisters for children: 1....

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A tongue twister

Tongue twister is always fun to learn in any language. Here is one in Chinese. Listen carefully and then try it yourself. [kml_flashembed movie="http://soft1.kejianhome.com/donghua1/2007-12/2644341yr6ew1y6e.swf" width="500" height="400" wmode="transparent"...

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