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BBC Chinese New Year Documentary Series

Chinese New Year, or Chinese Spring Festival is the biggest celebration for Chinese people. People travel from everywhere in the country back home to get together with families to celebrate it. Here I would like to share with you a 3-part series of documentary videos from BBC on Chinese New Year. It is a really good series which not only shows Chinese culture and traditions, but also the landscape and people across the country. Here they...

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The Great Race

13 animals, a rat, an ox, a tiger, a rabbit, a cat, a goat, a snake, a dog, a pig, a dragon, a rooster, a horse and a monkey gathered together and were arguing because all of them want to have the new year after their names. The noise woke up Jade Emperor and he suggested them to have a race by crossing the river. Who won in the end? Watch this puppet show and find it...

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Xiao Nian – Little Chinese New Year Celebrations

Today is 小年 XiaoNian, the 23rd of the 12th Chinese lunar month. Xiaonian literally means “little new year”. It is a special day because it marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year preparation. People start cleaning their houses and their new year shopping. XiaoNian is also called Kitchen God Festival or Worshiping the Stove Festival. According to the legend, on the day of Xiaonian, the Kitchen God will report to the Jade Emperor on the good and evil of the family. Based on his report, Jade Emperor will decide to give out reward or punishment. To prevent Kitchen...

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Top 7 Chinese New Year Books

Chinese New Year will start on Feb. 19 this year. It is going to be the year of Goat! What are the traditions? How do Chinese celebrate it? Are there any fun activities for kids to work on? Here are the top 7 books on Chinese New Year. Celebrating Chinese New Year: An Activity Book This is a fun-filled craft activity book. In addition to facts and description of traditions, Children can make lanterns, dragon parade and red envelopes etc. It is an excellent resource book for parents and teachers of children of 5-10 years old.   The Dancing...

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Legend of Nian

Today is 大年三十(New Year’s Eve). In China, it is the most important and cheerful day. Like Christmas in western countries, the reunion dinner has significant meaning to Chinese people since all family members will get together. In addition to family reunion dinner, people stay up all night to celebrate the arrival of new year. After midnight, firecrackers will be set off. You may wonder why Chinese people decorate their house with red couplets, stay up all night and set off firecrackers to celebrate the new year’s arrival? There is a story...

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Chinese New Year Family Traditions

As Chinese new year, in another word, Spring festival, is around the corner, have you already felt a bit of festive atmosphere? If yes, perfect; if no, have a look at this video and see Chinese people prepare for the arrival of new year and how they celebrate it! If you are interested to find out more, but in English, you can have a look...

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