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Chinese online reading: Picnic

Little mouse found a biscuit. Little mouse found an apple. Little mouse found a piece of bread. Little mouse found a piece of cheese. Little mouse found some strawberries. Little mouse brought Puppy Beibei. Puppy Beibei brought a bone. It is time for picnic! [kml_flashembed movie="http://www.yes-chinese.com/v2010/reading/read.swf?id=0020" width="600" height="460" allowfullscreen="true" /] Some useful words are as follows: biscuit – 饼干 (bǐng gān) apple - 苹果 (píng guǒ) bread - 面包 (miàn bāo) cheese - 奶酪 (nǎi lào) strawberries - 草莓 (cǎo...

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Chinese Online Reading: Evening

It is evening. Xingchen is sleeping. But Huahua the kitty is awake. She plays with her tale, she plays with ball, she plays with yarn, she plays the piano. Xingchen wakes up. A very short but lovely story. Some words are useful: 睡觉(shuì jiào) means “sleep” 醒(xǐng) means “wake up” [kml_flashembed movie="http://www.yes-chinese.com/v2010/reading/read.swf?id=0018" width="560" height="420"...

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Chinese Online Reading: In and Out

“Go out” in Chinese is 出去(chū qù). “Come in” in Chinese is 进来(jìn lái). This online reading material features these two useful phrases. Some other expressions we can learn are: – 让…出去/让…进来 (ràng… chū qù / ràng… jìn lái) let … out /let …in – 想出去/ 想进来 (xiǎng chū qù / xiǎng jìn lái) want to go out / want to come in [kml_flashembed movie="http://www.yes-chinese.com/learning/main.swf?id=20110726083026y" width="560" height="400" wmode="transparent"...

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Chinese leveled reading: Smells good

真香(zhēn xiāng) in Chinese means “smells good”. It can be used whenever you smell something and find it smells good, for example, flowers, food. The opposite word of 香(xiāng) is 臭(chòu). [kml_flashembed movie="http://www.yes-chinese.com/reading/read.swf?id=0021" width="460" height="360" wmode="transparent" /] To watch the full screen, click it...

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Chinese online reading: Swim

Duckling likes swimming. He jumped into the water. Little goose likes swimming. He jumped into the water. Little pig likes swimming. He jumped into the water. Little Pony likes swimming. He jumped into the water. Little elephant likes swimming. He jumped into the water too. Elephant looked around to find friends to play with. But they were all splashed on the bank! [kml_flashembed movie="http://www.yes-chinese.com/reading/read.swf?id=0001" width="460" height="360" wmode="transparent" /] Lovely story. Words are repeated so even young learners can learn them easily. Again, from...

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Chinese Online Reading: In the Garden

A playful kitten (Hua Hua)  tried to catch things in the garden: it wanted to catch a butterfly, it flew away; it then tried to catch a frog, it jumped away; it tried to catch chicks, they ran away. It tried to catch cactus, it caught it. Good job, Hua Hua! [kml_flashembed movie="http://www.yes-chinese.com/v2010/reading/read.swf?id=0009" width="460" height="380" wmode="transparent" /] Another great flash from...

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