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Try to take this test. 太阳从西边出来(tài yáng cóng xī biān chū lái: the sun rises in the west), what does it mean? Have a look at the 4 choices. The answer is c. 不可能发生的事情(bù kě néng fā shēng de shì qíng) Does sun rise in the west? Impossible! Yes, that is the answer. Do you get it...

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Comics Halloween in China

Last night, we went out for “trick-or-treat”. It was a great experience: all the kids dressed up, they said “trick or treat” whenever they pass a house with lit Jack-o’-lantern. Some of the houses were decorated like real ghost houses. It was real fun, not only for kids, but also for adults. In Chinese, Halloween is called 万圣节(wàn shèng jié )[all saints day] or 鬼节(guǐ jié) [ghost day]. In China, Halloween does not exist. Nobody celebrates it. Here are two comics you may find funny when a typical western event gets into Chinese...

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