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China Aerial Photography by National Geographic Channel

“China, a vast land, with one of the most diverse cultures on earth, now revealed like never before… This epic journey from the air will discover how ancient traditions, engineering, agriculture, and natural wonders, shaped this great nation and continue to forge modern-day China after centuries of seclusion, China is now revealed…” This powerful prologue opened this fantastic video with beautiful photos which reveal different aspects of China from tradition, culture to its modern...

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Take Me to China Exhibition in Children’s Museum in Indianapolis

Children’s Museum in Indianapolis is now having an excellent exhibition on China. The Theme is “Take Me There: China“. You first board onto an airplane and fly over the great wall, forbidden city and some other places then you land in Beijing. Once you are in China, you can go to several places, such as a home, a tea house, a pharmacy, a supermarket, a restaurant and Shaolin Temple. Have a look at the tea house and the pharmacy. In these places visitors can learn Chinese culture and tradition through music, art, food, Gongfu, Chinese traditional medicine and tea...

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A Bite of China 2

Following the successful A Bite of China Season 1, the first episode of Bite of China 2 was launched on April 18, 2014. 1. Heart Transmit The first episode, as the title suggests, focuses on homemade local food which not only accompanies people on the road, but also becomes the taste which remains on the tip of the tongue and in the heart of those who moved to places far away from hometown… 2. Come Across Ways of making some food have been passed on from generation to generation. Making the food is not only a tradition but also an art and hard work. In this episode, we can watch how rapeseed oil, noodle and rice products are produced in the traditional way. We can also watch how some cuisine skills such as cutting are passed on from Shifu (master) to Tudi (apprentice). 3. Seasons In the right season, the food is fresh, at its peak, at its taste as well as its flavor. To cook and serve the seasonal food has been a real joy for many Chinese people. Seasonal food differ from place to place and from one season to the other. Let’s enjoy them by watching the video! 4. Three Meals Three meals are not only meals, they are an enjoyment for people. People get together to enjoy each of the meals. In a life we...

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What is China

China, the most populated country in the world, is also one of the countries with longest civilization. It is the 3rd largest country in the world. With 56 ethnic groups, it has diverse culture and traditions. It is hard to summarize China and Chinese culture in several sentences. Here is a nice video which introduces China. If you want to know some general information about China, this can be a nice...

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iSpeak China photos

Adrian Fisk travelled on a 12300km jouney through China to find how young Chinese think about life under global influence. He chose 16-30 year old Chinese people, asked them to write on a piece of paper whatever they wanted to write and then photographed them. The whole experience became a small gallery as shown below: “iSpeak China – Images by Adrian...

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