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Charlie and Lola6: I am Just not Keen on Spiders

In this episode, Charlie and Lola found a spider in their house. Lola liked insects, but not spiders. She was afraid of spiders because they were everywhere, and they moved fast. Charlie told Lola that spiders were actually smart. He caught the spider and then they decided to set him free outside of their house. What happened next, watch...

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Charlie and Lola 5: I love going to Granny and Grandpa

Charlie and Lola are going to the house of their Granny and Grandpa’s by themselves. Lola was worried that she would miss her invisible friend and her parents, so she wanted to stay at home instead. Charlie convinced her that she could write a postcard and send it home everyday so her friend and parents know what is happening. Lola liked the idea and went with Charlie. In Granny and Grandpa’s house, they had great...

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