In the club, the children all wanted to be the first one to sing a song. In the end, it became difficult to decide who goes first. To be fair, we decided to go for “剪刀石头布”(jiǎndāo shítóu bù — scissors, stone, fabric), also known as Rock, Scissors, Paper.

To show 剪刀(scissors), you extend the index and middle fingers.

to show 石头(rock), you close your fist.

To show 布(fabric instead of paper as we commonly know), you open your hand.

Whoever with the winning gesture wins. It follows the rules shown below:

  • Rock smashes scissors; rock wins.
  • Fabric covers rock; fabric wins.
  • Scissors cut fabric scissors wins.


rock scissors paper

If both players choose the same gesture, the game is in tie and should be played again.

If you find it hard to decide in some situations, go for this game. Kids sort things out and happy with the results in most cases.

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