At the event of Chinese New Year, everybody wants to send good wishes to family and friends. But, be careful. Because of the financial crisis and its negative impact, there year, you should try to avoid using some of the wishes…

1.  财源滚滚  (cái  yuán  gǔn  gǔn ): wish you have continuous fortune
= 裁员滚滚  (cái  yuán  gǔn  gǔn ): lay off employees; not only layoff, but ask them to go away

2.财源广进 (cái  yuán  guǎng  jìn ): wish you have fortune from wide resources
=裁员广进(cái  yuán  guǎng  jìn ): layoff some senior people, and recruit new employees

3. 心想事成 (xīn  xiǎng  shì  chéng ): wish you all the dreams come true
=薪饷四成(xīn  xiǎng  sì  chéng ):Receive only 40% of the salary and bonus

4.财神到 (cái  shén  dào ): Here comes the god of fortune
=裁神到 (cái  shén  dào ):Here comes the boss who lays off people

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