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The weather is still not that good, windy, raining, cold. But the cherry blossom along the way in the little town I live tell me: Spring has come. Everyday watching the flowers spreading the message of Spring is a real enjoyment. The air seems to be more gentle filled with the aroma…

The other day when we drove the way home, my 6-year-old son said, “How beautiful the flowers are! They are so white, white like a wedding gown! ” He said it in Chinese, which is, 好漂亮的花。这么白,白的像新娘的衣裳。(hǎo piào liàng de huā . zhè me bái , bái de xiàng xīn niáng de yī shǎng .) I was impressed, but did not want to show it, “They are as white as a wedding gown.”. I repeated his words. He continued, ” Right. They so white, white like snow, white like cotton, white like cloud, white like my teeth!”是啊,他们这么白,白的像雪,白的像棉花,白的像云,白的像我的牙齿!(shì a. tā mén bái de xiàng xuě , bǎi de xiàng mián huā , bái de xiàng yún , bái de xiàng wǒ de yá chǐ !)

I opened my mouth in awe. The cherry blossom make my son a little poet.

zhè me bái ,
bái de xiàng xīn niáng de yī shǎng
bái de xiàng xuě ,
bǎi de xiàng mián huā
bái de xiàng yún ,
bái de xiàng wǒ de yá chǐ

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