It is well known that music helps children’s learning. A soft background music can help enhance the concentration of the students. It creates a calm and relaxing learning environment which benefits both teaching and teaching.

Music and Rhythm Benefit Memorization

“Although not clearly understood, music is known to help students when studying and can help to trigger memory recall.” ( )

A song can provide an emotional link between the music and the listener. Singing along gives a language learner different ways to express their feelings. With the aid of music, the rhythm of the lyrics helps children memorize with less effort and longer memory. This is especially beneficial for Chinese learning since Chinese requires more memorization.

Lyrics Are Great Learning Materials Themselves

Music is especially helpful for language learning as it makes words more memorable. Lyrics of the children’s songs are usually short and simple, composed of common expressions, everyday language, and descriptive words. Songs themselves are great for language learning, particularly for young children.

How to Make Song Learning a Great Language Learning Experience

– Teach the key words / phrases / sentences

Every song has a topic. The key words / phrases / sentences are worth of mastering. Teaching children beforehand the key words / phrases / sentences can help them better understand the meaning of the song.

– Learn the lyrics with movement together with the song
Lyrics can be taught line by line. At certain points, movement can be added to enhance the understanding and memorization. This further enforces the emotional link to the song.

– Sing along with the song
Now it is time to sing along the song. The song sung by the singer reminds the learner of the words or cues in case they are forgotten.

– Sing with the music only
To see if the song is learned is to either be sung without music or to be sung with a karaoke version of the song. Some children actually put in their own interpretation of the song, which makes singing much more personal and meaningful.

– Remix – make up your own song
Most song learning stops at singing independently. However, we can make the learning go even further. We can invite the children to rewrite the lyrics. Can you imagine what is going to happen if children spend time and effort to rhythm a song of their own? It is going to be an amazing learning experience!

Ready to Learn a Chinese Children’s Song?

There are many Chinese children’s songs introduced on our website. Here is another one: IF YOU ARE HAPPY.

If you are happy,
Clap your hands.
If you are happy,
Clap your hands;
If you are happy,
Clap your hands, clap your hands.
If you are happy,
Clap your hands.


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