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Learn Chinese

  • 20-Day Chinese Character Challenge – It is a 20-day challenge program which delivers a lesson per day for 20 days. The goal is to help master 100 Chinese characters in 20 days. It provides an effective and systematic way of learning Chinese characters.
  • Chinese Character Course for Kids – This online course guides young learners to build up their Chinese characters in a systematic way. The course is not always available for enrollment. If not,  join the waitlist and you will be informed as soon as it is open.
  • BBC Chinese Course
  • — learn Chinese for free. It offers a 15-unit Mandarin Chinese course.
  • Online Chinese Tools — Erik Peterson provides Web tools to assist people studying and using the Chinese language, including CEDICT and Unihan dictionaries with lookup by English, Pinyin, Cantonese, character, or radical-stroke. Includes Chinese text annotator, character flashcards.etc.
  • — Learn Chinese with free daily podcasts
  • Madarin Chinese Vocabulary Guide — A useful website with a list of commonly used Chinese Mandarin words. The words are categorized with pictures and corresponding pronunciation
  • Wikipedia – Chinese language
  • Chinese Language Learners — It features many useful studying tips and articles to help learning Chinese enjoyable.
  • Chinese Forums — an online community of people with an interest in Chinese language and culture.
  •— a website for learning basic Mandarin Chinese vocabulary using flashcards. Online flashcards and multiple choice quizzes in several subjects are available, as well as printable PDF flash cards.
  • Wordbuddy— a website for learning Chinese vocabulary from other users who actually use them in life
  • 朗朗中文(Yes! Chinese) — a Chinese learning system which is aimed at the oversea youngster. It includes of printed teaching material, online courses, interactive multi-media CD and teaching services. It is also adopted for the standard of the YCT/HSK tests which are established by The National Chinese Language Office and the Confucius Institution in Beijing, China.
  • — a premier online Chinese language school in the world. Students can learn Chinese online via Skype through 1-on-1 lessons with best Chinese teachers. Take a FREE trial lesson to learn Chinese now!

Chinese Reading and Listening

  • 绘本花园 - an online picture book collections. It is a great educational website from Taiwan. Although the characters are in traditional way, the books are great for listening and reading.


Tools and Other Resources

  • — Online tools to learn Chinese. It includes dictionaries, annotation tools, and converters for pinyin, unicode, traditional and simplified Chinese.
  • MyChinaStart — links about China
  • 汉典-online dictionary. It shows definitions, stroke orders of Chinese characters.


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