On March 24 when Beijing Olympics flame was lit in front of the Temple of Hera, the site of Ancient Olympia, in Athens, Olympics flame was handed over to Beijing on March 31. Since then, the Olympics torch has been passed to Almaty, Istanbul, St. Petersburg, London, Paris. It is now on the way to San Francisco, USA. Below is the detailed itinerary.

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The torch relay will last for 130 days, covering 136,800 km around the world. It will arrive in Marco on May 03. On Aug. 08, the flame will enter the National Stadium, so called “Bird’s Nest”, for the Olympics’ opening ceremony.

According to Beijing Olympics Organization, a total of 21,880 torch bearers will participate in the relay, under the theme of ‘Journey of Harmony’.”

It is great to pass the Olympics flame from one country to another, to spread the Olympics spirit around the world. As said in the news, the relay in Paris yesterday afternoon was not pleasant, since under 3000 French policemen’s protection, “The torch had to be extinguished in Paris on Monday after protesters attempted to seize it after similar incidents in London on Sunday. “, according to BBC report. It is sad to see some people wanted to damage the torch, and what it symbolizes — unity, peace, and hope.

The proceeding journey is still long and not easy. I believe that the flame will go through all the way and back to Beijing safely. I just wish it has a smooth and pleasant journey.

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