It was yesterday, May 08, the Olympic torchbearers carried the flame to the top of the Mount Everest. Quote from CNN

A 23-year-old Tibetan woman, Tsering Wangmo, carried the flame atop the peak. She was the last of five climbers — three Tibetans and two Han Chinese — to pass the torch to each other near the summit.

Two groups climbed to the summit: a 12-person team of torchbearers and a supplemental seven-person pickup team, officials said. The team of about 50 includes 31 climbers along with coaches, advisers and other support staff members.

The flame is burning in a lantern designed to protect it from low-oxygen conditions of the high altitude.

Amazing job! The Olympic flame lit on the 8844-meter-high Mount Everest, the highest mountain on the earth, is indeed a historical event! In order to accomplish the magnificent feat,Chinese Mount Everest climber team has prepared for 2 years. This time, it was also quite lucky for them to light the torch in a high-altitude place and carry it to the summit. According to the news, a hard-to-see rainbow showed up after the successful climbing up to the top.

It is an absolutely exciting and moving moment, not only to Chinese people, but also to the world, to Olympic spirit — let the flame scale the highest point in the world, let everybody share the same spirit of friendship, fair play, honor, peace and glory!

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