Numbers in Chinese are comparatively easy. Once a person learns 1-10, it is easy for him/her to learn 11-99.

Learning the number one to ten Chinese is the most useful lesson. Once they are mastered, you will be able to

count higher
learn the weekdays, dates of a month, months of a year, etc.
tell prices
tell the time

The ten numbers are

一 yī
二 èr
三 sān
四 sì
五 wǔ
六 liù
七 qī
八 bā
九 jiǔ
十 shí

Above 10, it works as times 10 plus the number. For example, 33 in Chinese is 三十三 (sān shí sān ), which equals to 3*10+3.

Let me take another example of 17, in Chinese it is 十七 (shí qī ), which equals to 1*10+7.

99 in Chinese is 九十九 (jiǔ shí jiǔ ), 9*10+9.

Hundred in Chinese is 百(bǎi ).So, 100 is simply 一百(yī bǎi ).

Very easy, right?

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