WashingtonPost featured an article titled “New urgency to learn Chinese” by Lori Aratani. The article covered the increasing interest in learning Chinese in US schools and the lack of qualified Chinese teachers.

” Increasingly, it’s non-Asian parents who want their children to learn Chinese, citing the desire to remain competitive for the best jobs.”

“They want their children to have an edge, and they see Chinese as helping them get that,”

“Kathryn B. Groth, vice president of the Frederick school board, whose system will start a Mandarin program this fall, said she welcomes the global focus.

“I think Americans who used to feel other people needed to learn [English] now realize that the time has come when that doesn’t work anymore,” Groth said. “I’ve heard from people who say: ‘Forget the engineering. Learn the foreign language. If you want a job, the foreign language is going to sell your engineering.’ “

Here is the link if you are interested in reading the whole article.

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