Based on the basic numbers, it is easy to learn the weekdays.

First, we need to learn the word “week”. In Chinese, it is 星期(xīng qī ). The next is easy.

For Monday, it is week(day) one — 星期一(xīng qī yī )

For Tuesday, it is week(day) two — 星期二(xīng qī èr )

For Wednesday, it is week(day) three –星期三(xīng qī sān )

For Thursday, it is week(day) four –星期四(xīng qī sì )

For Friday, it is week(day) five –星期五(xīng qī wǔ )

For Saturday, it is week(day) six –星期六(xīng qī liù )

For Sunday, oh, hang on, it is NOT week(day) seven , it is either week(day) SUN or week(day) SKY — 星期日(xīng qī rì ) 星期天(xīng qī tiān ) 。

How to write 星期?There is a short video I created to help you write.

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