As usual, I got up first. Soon, I heard the steps from the stairs. It was my 5-year-old daughter. She came towards me with a big smile. “Happy Mother’s Day!” she kissed me. Then came my 7-year-old son. He also said “Happy Mother’s Day” and kissed me. They gave me some cards and two wrapped gifts– flowers they made by themselves. My son’s card reads,

“When I think of Mom:
I hear ‘What new things did you do in school?’
I see mom every time I leave the school.
I taste the brownies you make for the family.
I smell a good smell for dinner.
I feel safe and comfortable.
Mom, I like it when you read me books when I can’t sleep and also I love the brownies you make very much!”

Being a proud mother, I would like to share the beautifully made gifts with you.

Happy Mother’s Day to every mother in the world!

mǔ qīn jié kuài lè

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