three monks

“三个和尚”(Three Monks) is a classic story in Chinese. Long time ago, there was a temple on top of a mountain. There is a river at the foot of the mountain. At first, one monk moved to live in the temple. He had to fetch water every day from the river. Later, another monk moved in the temple, they decided to carry water together from the river. It went well till the arrival of the third monk… They fought about who should go to fetch water as nobody wanted to be the one, which resulted in no water in the temple. One night the temple caught fire and the monks realized they had to put down all their unwillingness to give more so to save the temple. They all ran down and carried water and put down the fire in the end. After that they changed their mindset and started to help each other to fetch water and life became much happier.

This animation was a really good one. Enjoy it.

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