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Picture book in Chinese: Good Night, Teddy Bear

This is a lovely picture book. The teddy bear was a sweet companion of the little girl. It is time to go to bed, however teddy bear does not feel sleepy at all. The little girl said several times “Good night”, but...

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Picture book in Chinese – Starry Sky

This is a very beautiful picture books written and illustrated by Jimmy Liao. On the preface of the book, it reads “Wherever there is shade, there is light.” The story is about a young girl who felt she was not...

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Picture Book in Chinese – The Giving Tree

Shel Silverstein’s masterpiece “the Giving Tree” has moved thousands of children and adults since its publication in 1964. It is a story between a tree and a boy. The tree loves a boy and gives everything to...

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My First Dog

Having a dog is like having a family member. This is a lovely animated book about a little girl and the stray dog she adopted. Hope you...

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Whale Marilyn

This is a story about a girl named Marilyn. She is afraid to take swimming lessons because she would make huge splash and other children would laugh at her as a whale. The coach noticed it and had a talk with her. He told her,...

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Thank You, Little Flower

This is a story about a monkey and a little flower. A monkey found a dying little flower. He made a pot using a coconut shell, filled it with soil and planted it in the pot. The monkey took care of the flower, watering it, sun...

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