Craft Ideas for the Year of Monkey

Feb 08 starts the Chinese New Year of Monkey. Monkies are lively, smart and sociable, so are the people born in the year. Here I would like to list some simple craft ideas for children to celebrate its arrival. 1. Toilet Paper Roll Monkey 1 What you need Old Toilet... read more

Supplies for Chinese New Year and Culture Celebration

There are many occasions we celebrate Chinese culture and traditions. Chinese new year, also called Spring Festival, is a great chance. International Day is another great event. China study is for sure the 3rd opportunity to embrace Chinese culture and traditions to... read more

4 Strategies for Successful Chinese Learning

It is hard to believe 2015 is nearly over. When you look back, don’t you feel that this is a year full of action, achievement and good time? When I sit down to think of the resolutions for the next year, I ask myself what I have done right this year and what has... read more

Jingle Bells in Chinese

Christmas is coming. There is nothing better than singing into the holiday season, don’t you agree?Let’s learn a Christmas song: JINGLE BELLS in Chinese! Jingle Bells in Chinese Lyrics... read more

Winter Theme Word Wall Words in Chinese

Recently I have posted a short survey, “What is the most struggle for your child to learn Chinese?“. From all the responses I have received, Hanzi, Chinese writing and Chinese reading are the major areas which require more guidance and support. Chinese... read more

Where Do You Need Help for Your Kids’ Chinese Learning?

Chinese is not an easy language to learn. Compared to English, Chinese learning materials and support are also limited. It is often to see frustrated parents and teachers for trying to keep their kids stay interested and motivated and therefore achieve their learning... read more

When is the right time to introduce Mandarin Chinese

Children have the most potential learning languages. They remember everything they are told to and they repeat what they hear, even without fully understand what it means. Some experts say children who start learning a language before the age of 5 are more likely to... read more

Halloween Flashcards and Quiz in Chinese

One of the most exciting festival for kids is around the corner — Halloween is coming! If the kids know some of the words in Chinese, it would make it more interesting. Here I want to share with you the flashcards as well as a small fun quiz to test if the... read more

A Brief Introduction to Beijing Opera

Bejing Opera (京剧 Jīngjù) is one of the most beautiful forms of art in China. It combines singing, acting, acrobatics and face painting. It is quite different from western operas because it requires the performers to master the following key skills: singing,... read more

Chinese Animation: Three Monks

“三个和尚”(Three Monks) is a classic story in Chinese. Long time ago, there was a temple on top of a mountain. There is a river at the foot of the mountain. At first, one monk moved to live in the temple. He had to fetch water every day from the river. Later, another monk... read more

Autumn Theme Word Wall Words in Chinese

The falling leaves, abundance in food, richness in colors and the beautiful but a bit chilly weather all tell us that Autumn has arrived. It is a really interesting theme for children to learn. I created this Autumn Theme Word Wall Words package for you to display... read more

Should children learn how to write Chinese characters

As Chinese has become one of the most popular foreign languages in the world, more and more people are learning Chinese. Most of the learners, however, all face a common issue: Remembering Chinese characters is not easy; writing the characters is a even harder chore.... read more

My First book of Chinese Words review

In addition to Tuttle Chinese For Kids Flash Cards Kit, I received “My First Book of Chinese Words: An ABC Rhyming Book” from Tuttle Publishing. I was first impressed by the quality of printing and the illustration which is in a traditional way. When I... read more

China Aerial Photography by National Geographic Channel

“China, a vast land, with one of the most diverse cultures on earth, now revealed like never before… This epic journey from the air will discover how ancient traditions, engineering, agriculture, and natural wonders, shaped this great nation and continue... read more

I am Thankful – a Picture Book from Jimi

There are some little worries which may bother us once in a while. Well, Jimi has put them in a different perspective. When thinking in a different perspective, all those worries become reasons to be thankful... read more

Role Play for Children to Learn Chinese

Children learn language in a quite different way from which adults learn. They repeat what they hear and they apply what they learn in new, similar situations. If they get it right, they know it by observing and getting feedback from others. If they get it wrong, they... read more